We named our 1964 Airstream Safari, Marlo. This name comes from Marie's eBay name. Since eBay was the first place that we saw the Airstream, we figured that Marlo would be a very fitting name.

Based on Marlo’s existing condition, our plan was to renovate the interior and restore the exterior.  In our quest to learn more about renovating and restoring, we ran across this great resource site about Airstreams.

The words "renovation and restoration" sound similar, but we have learned there’s a significant difference.  Restoration means returning the unit to as near original condition as possible, while renovation means modifying and upgrading to suit your needs, tastes, and desires. 

On the net, schools of thought vary.  Some believe restoration is the right answer. Others believe in making an Airstream as comfortable as you want it to be.  

So, for us, and without intent to offend the purists, the exterior will be a 1964 Safari.  As original as we can make it with a bright mirror shine, wedding cake taillights, and a “put it up with poles and stakes” vintage awning (from Vintage Trailer Supply).  

The interior, on the other hand, will sport a new drop-in stovetop and counter, microwave oven, new chromed plumbing fixtures, a new electric refrigerator, a new hot water heater, a plasma screen HDTV with a DVD and stereo sound system and, of course, an eight bottle wine cooler and electric fireplace.  We’ll keep the general cabinet and gaucho configuration, but bring back the beautiful oak wood grains, but with a high gloss finish instead of the original pickling effect.  

After one night in the trailer, in as purchased condition, we also decided to reconfigure the dinette into a pull out bed.  This will give us the ability to get up in the middle of the night, each from our own side without climbing over one another.  



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Last Updated: 28 April 2013