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Gutting the interior, looking rearward


The rear floor will need rebuilt

Gutting the interior, looking forward
New rear floor starts below the black water tank
New refrigerator area floor section ready to install
New floor section front curb side
Entire floor gets a new overlay
Fresh water tank bolted in place, new inlet hose
Hours and hours of scraping green paint in the shop
Putting on the first of 4 coats of interior paint

High Gloss Polyurethane, 4 coats to the restored wood grain

Fresh paint looking rearward
Complete new PEX plumbing (like the factory uses)
Plumbing and drains, new battery & water heater too.
New laminate flooring looking forward
Fit check on the reglazed bathroom section
Fit check on the rear cabinets
Installing the bathroom for real
Front overhead installed, note the refurbished lights
Installing the rear cabinets, with cutout for wine cooler
Rear cabinets and wine cooler installed
Bringing in a touch of aluminum below the bath
Curb side overhead, air conditioner and refrigerator cabinet with an electric fireplace and HDTV
Rebuilding the kitchen
  Marie supervising the range installation
Changing everything but the kitchen sink
Kitchen overhead installed
Turns out the kitchen sink had to go also, note the touch of aluminum backsplash and magazine rack
Hey, this looks like a repeat photo. Note the gaucho is shortened and currently has a recliner option
The beginning of a palm tree bathroom theme
The palm trees spread
The new front pull out bed, with room on both sides
Palm trees at the sink and new fixtures all around
New Threashold


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