Since we had inspected the unit before buying it, our inspection at home revealed no major surprises.

Marlo’s interior was relatively complete.  The walls and word work had been painted to brighten the trailer up.  The walls were beige, cabinets were pale green, and upholstery and curtains were a combination of beige, green and lilac.  

The portion of the floor not hidden by cabinets had been overlayed and new laminate had been installed.  The rear subfloor, below the bath, was rotted.  Rodent debris was present in the appliances and below the bath.  All were willingly disclosed by the sellers.  We were convinced that our initial plan to gut the interior and renovate from the floor up was the right decision.

Looking forward - then
Looking forward - now
The Kitchen (Galley) - then
The Kitchen (Galley) - now

Looking rearward - then ................. Looking rearward - now


Ultimately we replaced four sections of the floor, installed a complete 1/4 inch overlay and new laminate flooring. Four fresh coats of interior paint were applied. We installed all new plumbing using red and white PEX (just like the Airstream factory uses). We kept the fresh and black water tanks and installed a new water pump (even though we eventually got the old one working). We stripped, sanded and polyurethaned the cabinets and doors (replacing two cabinet sections). Then we designed and built a new cabinet for a combination air conditioner, refrigerator, and electric fireplace. We couldn't find a bed like we wanted, so we also designed and built a pull out full size bed with a combination coffee and dining table. The table serves triple duty as the foot of the bed. We refinished the bath and (believe it or not) polished the toilet. We replaced all of the appliances and fixtures and refurbished the interior lights. A new kitchen counter light and range hood were included in our upgrades. Then we trimmed the interior out with several touches of aluminum and light wood trim and baseboard. New cushions and curtains are coming.

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