The first two months with the trailer offered far better weather than we would have hoped.  This gave us the opportunity to try our hand at polishing aluminum.  Some great articles on-line gave us a clear starting point.

We went with Nuvite for compounding, in part based on such recommendations and partly since the previous owners had included two jars.  We started with a hand drill and backing pad but quickly realized our time and stamina would not support this effort.  

With the purchase of a Milwaukee variable speed polisher (the model with the dial setting), compounding, productivity and quality improved greatly.  Turns out, the polishing process is still labor intensive, but extremely rewarding.  One sees the results of their effort immediately.  By the time the weather turned cold, we had removed the heavy oxide from all but the top flat section and a portion of the rear cap.  We even used a DeWalt orbital palm sander and sweatshirt material to try polishing.  Pretty impressive.  Santa brought a new Cyclo-polisher with all the accessories... we're continuing to compound and starting to polish this summer between outings.

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